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'How would people like me know about sex?' Young people are losing judgment-free spaces to learn about sex and sexuality

Today the 33-year-old, who lives in Goa, is one of swathes of digital creators, educators and health service providers across the Asia-Pacific. Through social media, they are working to reach the one billion young people in the region with information that various United Nations agencies call "digital sexuality education": content focusing on safe sex (and safe online) practices, sexuality, relationships and gender. However, CNN spoke to nine content creators and sexual health experts in South and Southeast Asia who are raising the alarm, warning that their educational content is being increasingly censored.

White-Hat Hacker Infiltrates Cambodian Scam Operations

After linking up with dozens of workers “asking to be saved” and breaking into scammers’ computers, a notorious ex-hacker now working for the Vietnamese state cybersecurity agency called for “prompt intervention” to get thousands of victims out of Cambodian compounds.

A report compiled mostly last year by Ngo Minh Hieu — previously jailed in the U.S. for a massive identity-theft scheme involving the personal data of 200 million people — documented familiar allegations that have been raised by C

Behind Closed Gates: 200 Vietnamese Quietly Removed From S'ville Compound

Cambodian authorities were tight-lipped last week over an operation at Sihanoukville’s Jin Gang hotel compound, acknowledging only that there was an “administrative measure” against illegal Vietnamese immigrants.

But for more than a week, the property, just off Ochheuteal Beach, was busy with official activity as a string of social media videos emerged from inside telling of hope that they would “soon to be free.”

“Goodbye Sihanoukville and see you never again,” one of the TikTok videos said i
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