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US President Biden visits Vietnam: Wartime foes to highest-level partners?

US President Joe Biden and Vietnam’s Communist Party General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong are expected to agree to new partnership.

Just days ahead of US President Joe Biden’s visit to Vietnam for key talks on trade and closer diplomatic relations, the president paid homage to events from an earlier and very different time – when Washington and Hanoi were at war.

At the White House on Tuesday, Biden presented the Medal of Honor, the United States military’s highest award, to 81-year-old Larry Ta

Vietnam’s elephant ‘ID cards’ help preserve a diminished species

Conservationists are using visual data from camera traps to create individual ‘ID cards’ for Vietnam’s elusive elephants.

Dong Nai province, Vietnam – Dinh Quan knows just the right spot to hang out on a warm day.

A pool of clean water with fresh grass and some bamboo shoots nearby, preferably with vines hanging within easy reach and showing no signs of being poisonous.

Tailing behind Dinh Quan is his junior, Bien Dong, which means “South Sea” in Vietnamese. He is learning the ropes of jungle

Beyond a Barbie ban, Vietnam sets its censors on Netflix

When Barbie was banned from Vietnam’s screens in July, audiences were confused: Why was the country expelling a breezy summer film? The cause turned out to be a set of childishly drawn lines, which Vietnam’s censors interpreted as the movie’s representation of the nine-dash line, China’s territorial claim in the South China Sea.

But it’s not just Barbie that’s hit a nerve. More quietly, around the same time, the government had Netflix remove the Chinese series Flight To You in Vietnam. The culp

Vietnamese rice farmers go high-tech to anticipate a low-water future

- Since the 1970s, Vietnam’s “rice-first” policy facilitated the construction of an elaborate series of dikes and dams that allowed farmers in the Mekong Delta to flood their fields to allow for multiple harvests per year.
- Now, in the face of climate change impacts, seawater intrusion, upstream dams and new government policies that mandate water conservation, farmers in the delta need to find ways to reduce their water consumption.
- In one pilot project, university researchers have teamed up with local farmers to implement a technique called alternate wetting and drying (AWD), supported by a smartphone application that allows farmers to save water and reduce emissions.

A Tale of Many Turns: Lessons from Vietnam’s Pandemic Response

Vietnam’s battle against Covid-19 has been a classic case of rapid government response to the pandemic’s changing demands on the healthcare system. Rather than adhere to a rigid approach throughout the crisis, policy has changed with circumstances.

It has been a difficult and arduous journey, but the country has made significant progress. At the same time, the pandemic has brought to light systemic problems with social inequalities, particularly involving migrant workers
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